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Art Concept

The very core of any digital entertainment product is, beyond doubt, it’s artistic concept. The vision which materializes itself in the shapes, colors, sounds and efects composing strongly sensorial scenes of an alternate reality, thus resulting in intense emotions to the viewer.

We forsee the return of Art to the «spotlight», under the new-age «pencils & brushes» of contemporary digital artists. Our own artistic department has got much experience in a complete set of technics and resources, bearing in mind that we also work with some of the most talented independent artists and teams in all artistic disciplines.

Next-generation digital entertainment is going to be even more «real» and sensational, demanding the best that Art can provide, and we are eager to pitch in.

All aboard for this dream trip?

Game Development

Since the beginning of its history, Game Development has allowed players to live and experience each and every fantasy they have. Playing a game it’s the most interactive and exciting way of living a tale. What’s the closest you can get to a fictional character? To be that character. That’s something only games can offer.

However that’s not the only thing. Games can also help in your logical and quick thinking capabilities as well as encouraging you to be competitive, be it with your friends or with a stranger online.

That’s how we'll try to reach you. Through Game Development we will bring you games that will reach you as much as an emotional level as to try and defy your mind in a simple yet deep gameplay in a competitive environment.

Are you ready for the challenge?

TCG & e-Comics

We’re in the verge of bringing you a whole new universe in the digital pages of a new e-comic series along with a new TCG inspired by its story.

A new concept on tabletop tactics and deck manage strategy, which will offer the best of both worlds.

This incoming title is both a tale, full of breath-taking adventures in a vast and diverse universe in a far-away future, and a high competitive strategy game featuring the richness of the storyline.

We will employ high-quality standards on both artistic and technical features of this sci-fi title, combining a deep gameplay with an appealing art-concept and a narrative rich interaction.

Will you join the adventure?

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