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Altera Game Jam 2nd Edition

2014-10-24 14:55:21, Posted by 

Second Edição of Altera Game Jam in Lisbon

Sunny Rush - Press Release

2014-07-11 16:35:30, Posted by 

The Sun Care Game

Grand Theft Bieber

2014-04-01 14:25:00, Posted by 

The Real Thug Life

Crazy-Splash Parade

2014-03-04 15:23:44, Posted by 
LampWave Studio

"Feliz Carnaval meu povo!!"

LampWave Studio website launch

2014-02-11 17:14:46, Posted by 

It's finally ready!!!!

"Slender - The eight pages"

2014-02-11 02:22:14, Posted by 

This is a chronicle by our dear Rita Gomes.
This week she brings one of the most talked free games
in recent memory.

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