"Slender - The eight pages"

"Be afraid. Be very afraid."

[ "The Fly", David Cronenberg ]

This week we’re going to leave our loved Machinarium and their beloved characters made of tin (take a look at the previous review) to delve into the dark side where we’ll take a look at a first person survival horror video game which was, and still is, a topic of conversation.

The most fearless will not delude themselves, particularly those who have survived the Silent Hill and Amnesia, because the game that we’ve recovered today still makes anyone shudder.

Are you reminded about that indie game of quick download, which you played with lights turned off and sound in a high volume and for which you gathered your friends with an evil smile?

Right. “Slender - The eight pages”.

Slender is a masterpiece created in the known game engine Unity and with a unique atmosphere of pure style of Blairwitch Project, launched in June 2012 by Parsec Productions.

The action takes place in a forest scenery, at night, with a reduced visibility (not as you would wish), and always in a first person perspective.

Armed with a hand lantern of dim light and questionable durability, the player has, as sole aim, the collection of eight pages that are located in many points of the forest.

Simple, huh? But no one did say that the difficulty of this game lies in its gameplay.

Throughout the eight pages’ quest, the player must avoid an encounter with “Slender Man”, a character based on the homonymous urban myth. “Slender Man” uses teleportation to move himself from one location to other, making it impossible to trace his steps or predict his forthcoming. For this reason the feeling of a somewhat demonic and only temporarily visible presence is a constant that will torment the player over the game.

Let’s join the dark noise of our footsteps on dry leaves to the fear and tension factors (in fact, the only noise that will accompany us during the game). Enough to nail you to the chair and make our hands sweat.

Whenever “Slender Man” is near us, disturbances are noticed in the environmental balance, represented in the form of disarrangement in the camera and sound. A real poltergeist experience.

The “game over” happens when the player takes some time to find a page, or when the contact with “Slender Man” is prolonged for a few seconds (please note that it is possible, when done quickly, to shift the focus view of him, thus enabling to continue the game).

Even having collected all the pages, the pursuance will continue for some time, extending the suffering of those who still haven’t had to go explaining to their neighbors, who have already knocked on the door, the reason why they heard ‘that big scream’ from upstairs.

I believe that no developer cared about SQL Injection that day:

"The official website crashed after the flood of people tried to download the game, leading to subsequent mirror downloads on Reddit and later MediaFire."

Remember: "Always watches. No eyes".

Anyone sticking in front of the PC screen these weekend nights?

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