LampWave Studio website launch

After days and nights of little rest or none at all, slowly building and dismantling line of code by line of code, struggling with the schedule to meet the deadline for the first time, in spite all the nightmares of nonsense coding (or decoding) of HTML and CSS wicked realms…
…we finally made it!

We present to you LampWave Studio website. Here you can find every new releases, comment and share ideas about our Game Development and Art-concept, and enjoy the online surprises we may present our visitors with. You can also register to become a real fan and receive first hand news and special offers to reward your support.

We want to address our special thanks to André Oliveira, Artur Filipe (Mosko), Daniela Simões, Hugo Tavares, MeLenda Pires, Ricardo Andrade (NCreatures), Ricardo Cardoso (Armageddon), Rita Gomes and the IEUA (Incubadora de Empresas da Universidade de Aveiro) team for all the unconditional support we’ve been blessed with, and also all the people that helped us walk through those hard-times and stress flashes, and of course our parents (for having us this strange way we are). We love you so very much!

We’re sure you love games as much we do, and that you’ll give us the privilege of playing with us!

The (very happy though very playd-out) LampWave Team

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