Sunny Rush - Press Release

Are you ready for the heat? LampWave Studio is gonna lend you a hand!

Available for iOS, Android and Web, “Sunny Rush” is going to fire up your summer!

The newest videogame company in Aveiro, LampWave Studio, in collaboration with Weeks, has decided to launch a project which combines protection and fun. We are faced every year with an increasing number of health issues related to solar exposure as for example skin cancer.

Together with “Weeks – Loving Sun Care” (single-dose sunscreen distribution project available in vending machines), LampWave Studio is introducing a very special campaign.

Inspired by the true classic game “Pacman”, “Sunny Rush” wishes to amuse people of all ages, warning them, at the same time, about the risks of over-exposure to the sun. The main character of this game is our own mascot, “Lampas”, a narwhal. It’s supposed to eat away seafood paying attention, at all times, to solar exposure represented by a thermometer and taking into consideration advices from Sunny (character which stands for the sun). In order to protect itself, “Lampas” should gather every item inside the labyrinth (sun hat, water bottle and sunscreen among others) and, at the same time, dodge the evil (cancer) crabs which chase our hero. Throughout the game, there will be presented several trophies associated to the region and the city of Aveiro. There you can find out about the history, culture and geography of this beautiful country and you can also share them in the different social network media.

“Sunny Rush” is going to be available, online on July 11, 2014, at www.lampwavestudio.com. As for Smartphone and Tablet (Android and iOS – Apple) you should find a QR Code on the packs of sunscreen sold on “Weeks” vending machines in order to play.

Don’t regret summer, enjoy it under protection!

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