Ellie the Last of Us - The Most Badass Video Game Character of All Time?

Ellie the Last of Us

Ellie The Last Of Us is one of the most famous gaming character in the world. The Last of Us is a game developed by the Naughty Dogs game development company and was first released back in the year 2013.

The game's whole plot is based on a post-apocalyptic world that is being ruled by the infected human, who have turned to Zombies. The game features two main protagonists, Joel and Ellie.

It story of the game follows the journey of Joel, a smuggler who has been given the task to lead Ellie across to the United States in order to saveguard her. Ellie is a young 14-years-old girl who is immune to the Zombie virus that has run raged on the world. The game allows the player to control both Joel and Ellie through various troubles.

Brief overview of 'The Last of Us' plot

The Last of Us is a game that is completely based on the post-apocalyptic world and follows the story of Joel and Ellie, the two main protagonists of the game. Joel is tasked with escorting Ellie to the resistance fighters. Ellie, 14-years-old, is a girl who is immune to the virus that has infected the world, and it is believed to the key to getting a vaccine for the virus.

As the story progresses and they passes various obstacles thrown their way, both Joel and Ellie share great bond and has to make difficult decisions that test their relationship.

Ellie The Last of Us influence in Culture and Fans

Ellie The Last of Us is one of the most known fictional character from the gaming world. Ellie had a significant impact on the gaming industry and pop culture. Ellie's character in the game is a great representation of the LGBTQ community. As the game progresses, it is revealed that Ellie is a lesbian. Ellie's character received positive response thanks to her representation of LGBTQ community.

Ellie is portrayed as a strong, capable and complex female protagonist in the game, a big rare thing in the gaming industry. Her portrayal was wide regarded as the right way to portray female protagonists and how their character development should be.

Ellie's cohesion with Joel, the game's other main protagonist is seen as one of the major aspect of her character development. As the duo are put together against various other obstacles, their relationship grows even stronger, both physically and emotionally. Fans have been able to relate with Ellie's character because of her emotions and character development in the game 'The Last of Us'. The game's theme of loss, love and survival is what makes it an attachment to the fans.

All in one, Ellie is certainly had a great influence in the gaming industry as one of the best gaming character ever that fans can relate with, which makes 'The Last of Us' a great game to play.

Unknown facts about Ellie

  • Ellie, the one of the main protagonist of the game 'Last of Us' is inspired by actress Ellen Page. But, due to some legal issues, the company had to alter some things about the character and named her Ellie.

  • While Ellie is a 14-years-old character in the game, she was actually voiced by voice action Ashley Johnson, who was at that time actually 29-years-old. This decision was taken by the game developers themselves as they wanted to Ellie to have a mature voice.

  • While throughout the game Ellie is known by Ellie only, however, her full name is actually Ellie Williams. It is very less known to the gamers as this was mentioned only once in the game.

Who plays Ellie in HBO's The Last of Us T.V series?

Recently, HBO have launched a T.V series based on the game and its plot, 'The Last of Us'. The series has been created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann for the Home Box Office (HBO). The 1st season of the series premiered on the 15th of January. It is a 9 episode series that follows the same plot as the game and the character. In the series, Ellie's character is being portrayed by Bella Ramsey, a 19-years-old English actress.

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