Monster Hunter Rise vs World: Which one of the Monster Hunter games is best?

Monster Hunter Rise vs World

Monster Hunter Rise vs World is one of the most discussed topic on the web today as two of the games of the Monster Hunter series. The fans are quite confused as to which of the two games is the better. In this article, we provide you all the details and hopefully by the end of the article, you would have made your mind as to which game to play.

Monster Hunter Rise vs World

When we talk about some of the famous video gaming franchise, the Monster Hunter franchise, an action packed action adventure game developed by CapCom Games, is one of the most famous gaming franchise ever.

The Monster Hunter franchise has been in existence since very long, since way back in the year 2004. It is one of the most really interesting game that has a engaging gameplay, difficult and challenging Boss Fights.

Two of the most recently released titles as part of the franchise is the Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World. The latter was released back in the year 2018 while the Monster Hunter Rise was released in 2021. Both the games are very interesting and the fans are liking both the games.

Now many fans are finding it really difficult to make up their mind as to which one of the two games is the better one. Today in this article, we take a look at a comparison of Monster Hunter Rise vs World.

Both the Monster Hunter Rise and World shares lots of similarities as because both of the games are part of the same gaming franchise, the Monster Hunter franchise. Here are some similarities between Monster Hunter Rise vs World.

Similarities between Rise and World

As we mentioned above, both the Monster Hunter Rise and World have a number of things similar in them. Let's take a look at some of the those below.

Core gameplay mechanics: Both the Monster Hunter Rise and the Monster Hunter World are a action role-playing game where the user plays as a hunter and various monsters in their journey to progress in the game. Gamers can use combat moves such as blocking, dodging and attacking the monsters with various other weapons.

Crafting: Both the games also allow the gamer to craft. It is a very important aspect of the game as gamers can craft various weapons, armors and other essential items by gathering materials from the game's environment and world. The crafting is a deep and complex thing in the game and it allows the players to create customizeable suits according to their preferences.

Co-op multiplayer: In the modern day, the inclusion of multiplayer mode and co-op is must. As such, both the Monster Hunter Rise and World contains multiplater modes where a gamer would be able to team up with his other hunters in the game, whether friends or stranger and battle toughest monsters. The game allows the players to either connect locally or by online. As much as 3 players can play together.

Resource gathering: As it is a action adventure game, so just like the world famous Minecraft, the gamers will have to free roam across the game's world and gather resources that they can then use to craft various things. 

Monsters: As the title of both the games suggests, the game is all about Monster Hunting. Players will have to fight variety of monsters, all of whom have different behaviours, strengths, weakness. Players need to gather knowledge of the monsters and battle them and tackle them down. Where there are same monsters in both the games, however there are some monsters who are unique to either of the games.

Monster Hunter Rise vs World Gameplay Mechanics

While Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World have number of similarities, there are still some differences in their gameplay mechanics. We have mentioned some important one of them below.

Open world vs. Segmented areas: Monster Hunter Rise is a game that has its world separated or split into segmented areas. A new map loads after a loading screen. However, as for the Monster Hunter World, the game is a complete open world, which is exactly what today's generation desire. However, Rise also allows gamers to interact with the environment, such as wall climbing which the makes it even more interesting.

Palicoes vs. Palamutes: In both games, players have a companion that help them in their battle. In Monster Hunter World, the companion is a Palico, a creature that can be customized with different equipment and abilities. In Monster Hunter Rise, the companion is a Palamute, a rideable creature that can be used to quickly travel through the environment.

Hunting styles vs. Silkbind attacks: Monster Hunter World introduced different hunting styles, which allows a player to customize their play-style by selecting one of several styles that altered how their weapons and move-sets work. On the other than, Monster Hunter Rise introduces silkbind attacks that is powerful new moves that can be executed using the wirebug. Silkbind attacks are unique to each weapon type and provide new ways to approach combat.

Platform: Monster Hunter World is a game that is available in all platforms, such as  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Whereas, the Monster Hunter Rise was a game was only built for Nintendo Switch. Which is why, the gamers will find that Monster Hunter Rise has optimised performance and graphic that is suitable for the Switch. World though gives a higher graphic for the gamers to enjoy.

Differences in level design and environmental interactions

Both the Monster Hunter World and Rise have different types of level designs and environmental interactions. As mentioned above, the World version has a full on open world environment where as Rise has segmented environment where they a new environment loads after a loading screen.

Monster Hunter Rise vs World Multiplayer and Online Features

Both Monster Hunter World and Rise features online mode where gamers would be able to join or team up with other hunters and hunt down bigger and stronger monsters. In World, a player can join other players game online, whereas in the Rise, players will have to join a lobby and then search other player's worlds. Both the games offer local multiplayer as well where two players can hunt down by sitting and playing from the same room.

Visuals and Audio

Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World have differences in their visuals and audio design. World has some great graphics and animations, making the monsters look more realistic than ever before. Rise, on the other hand, focuses on brighter and more vibrant colors that complement the game's Japanese-inspired setting. In terms of audio, both games feature excellent sound design, with immersive sound effects that make players feel like they are really battling gigantic monsters.


Both the Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise are two great games that gamers should once try. Both games bring different experiences for the players. We are not gonna suggest which game to play, but if you have read this far, you certainly know you requirements and your taste of game and by reading the article, you must have already understood what game you may wanna play. Now we hope your answer on which one to play in Monster Hunter Rise vs World.

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