2023 Gaming Frenzy: 5 Must-Play Games That Will Blow Your Mind!

Top 5 games to play in 2023

The year 2023 set to be another year to remember for gamers, with the gaming market always on the up and bringing new adventures. There's something for everyone, from action-packed first-person shooters to realistic sports simulation games to enjoy.

Top 5 Games to Play in 2023

In this article, we'll look at the top 5 games to play in 2023, from Minecraft, FIFA 23, PUBG, Call of Duty to Deliver Us Mars. 

Whether you like building blocks and discovering faraway lands, or playing sports, or battle royale, or taking on military combat, or sci-fi adventures, today's games will keep you entertained and busy infront of your PC or Console. So arm yourself, hold your joystick, and prepare for an incredible gaming experience in 2023!

The purpose of this article is very much to provide you all gamers to stay entertained through what we all love the most, playing games. There is games for every taste of audience in this list. Minecraft allows you to build your dream builds, FIFA 23 lets you live the life of a professional footballer. PUBG and Call of Duty keeps you busy with online multiplayer while Deliver Us Mars will feed your hunger for action adventure sci-fi game.


Since after officially released in the year 2011, everyone loving block building game Minecraft has today transformed into a game that can be enjoyed any age group people. Minecraft is a game that is always at the top of the gaming industry and with the constant update that it is bringing every year, why wouldn't anyone want to play the game. Minecraft was one of the most played in game in the year 2022 and it is certain to continue its popularity at the same pace in the year 2023 as well, which is why you must once try Minecraft and I am sure you will love it.


Players Unknown Battleground or popularly known as PUBG, despite being released in the year 2017, is still at the very speak and there is still a very high demand for the game. PUBG is a game that is being enjoyed all around the globe. It brought in a new revelation in the gaming market and it is ever since ruling the gaming industry. No matter how many years pass on, the love and interest for PUBG will remain at the very top and it being a multiplayer game makes it a hot choice to play when we feel to group-up with our buddies or pals.

Call of Duty

Well, there are some people who don't like PUBG, God knows why, but well they are still into playing online battle royale game, and that's where comes our 2nd dearest game Call of Duty.  Do you know, Call of Duty was first released in the year 2003, but since it brought in the battle royale and other online game modes, Call of Duty has reignited again and it is making waves in the gaming industry. If you don't play PUBG for some reason, you must try out Call of Duty, I am sure you would like it.


Football is most followed sport in the world. The game, also known as Soccer in America, is played by almost all the countries we know of. Football is a exciting game of 90 minutes of proper running behind a ball and putting it behind the opponents' net. FIFA 23 is a great game that brings all the realistic features of the real life football in the game, from International football to club football to player transfer. You can play multiplayer, career mode as a Manager or as a young and budding Footballer and help him grow his football career. All in all, FIFA 23 is a must try game for all the sports lovers.

Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars is another exciting game that you must try once in 2023. He game very well and truly feeds the hunger of playing a sci-fi action adventure game. The game is not so old, well what am I talking about, the game was literally released on 2nd February in 2023. It's a new game for many of you and us, so what is the plot of the game. Well, if you want to play some sci-fi game, you must try this one. Deliver Us Mars is a sci-fi action adventure game about high-stake mission to recover a stolen ARK colony ship that was stolen by, you know what, play the game and find it out, you can look at the trailer below.

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